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Who We Are

Zahhab is a student community that provides all necessary academic assistance to university students and professors.

Our platform provides students and professors with exciting discount offers in various sectors.

Our academic assistance includes study notes, class attendance, professor’s announcements, and discussion boards. Our platform stimulates a more efficient communication flow between professors and students.

Our job portal offers students part-time or full-time jobs as well as internships with our business partners. Students can browse through vacancies and apply through our website and mobile application.

We also host student events and assist student clubs with University events. Our unique workshops aim at developing specialized skills among the youth in Kuwait.

We strive to cultivate a student community by providing a multifunctional platform that betters the life of a student.

Meet The Team

We're smart, we're hard working and we love a challenge. Meet the dynamic team behind Zahhab.


Dawood Alkhalefi

CEO & Founder

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Dawood Alkhalefi is the CEO and founder of Zahhab Student Community. As a young entrepreneur, he understands the difficulty students face during their academic life in Kuwait. He started Zahhab with the vision to improve the life of a student by providing a one-stop platform to share class notes, communicate with professors, organize student events and enjoy student discounts.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath, envision your goal and you will achieve it.” – Dawood Alkhalefi


Adel Alansari

Marketing Manager


Ahmad Almusallam

Acquisition Manager



IT Manager


Samantha Fernandes

Creative Designer


Jo Ann Quines

Data Entry


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